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China customs import and export data


China customs data is also called china customs import and export data, or china customs import and export data with company, china customs data with company. China customs data is provided according to 8 digit HS code, in english and chinese. We provide actual live china customs data since 2007.

China customs data cover importer(exporter),HS code, product, origin country, destination country, port, quantity, value, ect. You will get complete details of company such as name and address of company, complete contact details, email address, contact person, ect. China customs data is essential to grow international business.

China customs data reveals the trading activities of importers and exporters, and give you an unprecedented understanding of the import-export business.

The value of China export data

1. Scientific market strategy making and find suppliers
2. Evaluate new product or new production, the feasibility of market development
3. Deal with different market, make effective pricing strategy
4. Monitor competitors, trade characteristics and business trends
5. Minimize export cost

About our company

Introduction of Global Trade Online Limited
Global Trade Online Limited--endeavour their sincerity work over seven years and has already been the leader in global trade data field. Global Trade Online Limited owns the world`s largest trade statistics database which has already been the strong tool for us to be the professional prompter for international trade.
Since 2007 Global Trade Online Limited cooperated with Piers to integrate the whole world and regions buyer resources and import and export data. Global Trade Online Limited provide the consulting service to international trade and related business via the world`s largest import and export trade intelligence database, and it will be the origin of enterprise`s scientific strategic decision.
Company history
--2015.11 Attended the 4th 16+1 CEE meeting
--2015.2 Honored as the High Credibility Company;
--2014.3 Global Trade Online Ltd. was found in London;
--2013.8 Evaluated as the scientific company;
--2011.9 Obtained the authority from China customs;
--2010.12 Recognized as the software company;
--2007.6 Authorized from USA PIERS;
--2007.4 Found;
Our values inaction
1. The Power of Honesty -- Integrity is the foundation of all we do.
2. The Power of Quality -- We set and achieve ambitious goals.
3. The Power of Working together -- We help each other succeed.
4. The Power of Responsibility -- We embrace our responsibilities.
Any question please contact us for free, we will provide the best service for you.

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